Welcome to my virtual zoo!!! (petting optional)

you may be asking: "but Earthling! I desperately want to pet these God-given oh-so-beautiful little animals as much as I can!!!! How do I do that?" well,,, my dear friend,, all you have to do is BELIEVE!!! (also please gently stroke your cursor upon the image of the animal for the best, most immersive experience.)

are you ready???? then keep scrolling!

first up we have,,,,,, a tamandua!

this funky little creature is a genus of anteaters that usually live around South America. ok ok,, enough talking. look at em!!!

next we have,,,,,,,, a pallas cat :)

also known as manuls, these fluffy angry balls of fur mainly live in Asia around mountainous regions. ohohohohho,,,, so fluffy,,, hrngnhh,,,

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