Welcome to my humble abode :0)

Hi there! You can call me Earthling.

my pronouns are she/her, but I don't mind people using they/them on occasion.

I'm an enthusiast of obscure media/music and a vhs collector. I also do a ton of singing, along with writing, and of course, art (mainly traditonal art to be specific!). I currently study 2 languages, japanese and french, whenever I have the time. I'm not fluent in either of them, so please be patient with me if I ever slip up. As you can probably tell, I love browsing old geocities pages or whatever relics of the past I can find.

This page will essentially act as a space where I can express my interests, post my work, and so on, so thank you for stopping by!

I'm just starting to learn HTML, so sorry if this looks like a ghost town of a webpage. Anywho, welcome to by dainty little doohickey! I'll probably add some pages as time goes on. Thank you for your patience.

I dabble in a lot of things including art and music! If you want to see more of what I'm making, please visit my twitter: click here!!!

Want to see my art? Click on the dog below!
Earthling's Art

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sit back and relax as you watch this alien dance :)

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