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4/16/21- Sand by OK GLASS: Curiosity Killed the Calico

Wow. I'm surprised I haven't posted an entry on here yet. I really need to catch up on my website-making duties STAT.

(CURRENT TRACK AS OF 4/16/21: Chemtrail Mist- OK GLASS)

During the beginning of 2021, January to be specific, a mutual of mine (shoutout to jay!) retweeted an album release announcement. I was intrigued by the cover right away, as my love for 90s-esque computers was being tested yet again. The cover depicts a faux-windows computer, with its own Bliss Windows XP wallpaper. Overlayed on top of the aforementioned wallpaper was the title of the album: "Sand". As the bandcamp description explains: "No one tells the truth anymore. It's all sand." I was curious to see what this album and it's 16 respective melodies entailed. Boy was I in for a ride.

There are so many unique, quirky (and i mean that in the good way), zany, and curious little bursts of music and instrumentation throughout each track. You can definitely tell that there was a whole lot of love put behind each key, note, and strum. The beginning track, "The Ultimatum", is a great example of this. I especially adore this verse:

Don't play the guitar / Auf wiedersehen / Don't play the guitar for me / I know that when you're alone again / the urge may consume your being /

As one may see throughout each song, OK GLASS is a lyrical expert, so to speak. Every word uttered in this album feels crisp and just right. Like if Goldilocks herself were to listen to this album, she would thank Baby Bear for listening to these sweet tunes in the first place (before promptly getting kicked out of the bears' house). These tracks capture the essence of pure curiosity in a way I can't necessarily describe properly. "Calico" is one of my favorites on the album, which tells the tale of a person who wants to be a calico. However, the lyrics do not really indicate that the person wants to be the breed of cat we have all come to know and love. In fact, some of the lyrics describe an automated, robotic like being who has predetermined limits and outcomes. Sorry folks, you're not going to see any cat people any time soon. OK GLASS's vocals definitely elevate the tone and expression of the tracks themselves. Using forte and piano, along with crescendo and decrescendo, in their proper places, at a time when you least expect it. Many of the tracks have moments of swelling, (and for the folks who dont sing, don't worry, OK GLASS does not have any injuries, he just uses an increase in volume to improve the song as a whole) which really bring a few of these tracks together. Something about the instruments used in OK GLASS's songs feels humble, like if you picked up the instrument and practiced it for long enough, you could play along too. Not in an orchestral, triumphant manner, but rather in a communal, homey kind of way.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that OK GLASS was influenced by the likes of Lemon Demon and TMBG, two bands I listen to frequently (I sincerely need to catch up with TMBG as I am WAAAAAY behind on my giants lore, if that is a thing). It feels good to put the metaphorical puzzle pieces together while listening. Being able to pinpoint moments of influence rocked. It is definitely inspired, but not too derivative. If you have ever had one of those mini Dove chocolates which come in little blue wrappers with ~inspirational~ quotes on the bottom, you now know what this album would taste like. Good for you. I make this comparison because those chocolates became a bit too addicting for me. I wanted to take another bite once I got a first taste of what I was in for. I think im losing my marbles a bit here.

Overall, please check out this album if you are a fan of catchy or moving songs with exquisite lyrics. If you are a fan of the weird, yet cohesive, this album has laid out a "Welcome Home" mat just for you. Side note, thanks to OK GLASS for being a great person and cool mutual. Check out his twitter for heaps and heaps of posts about corporate power points, or if you just want to take a peek into his music-making process. Goodbye for now y'all :-)

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